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The Intra-view

More than an instrument, the Intra-view is an evolving format. Like The Braid, it is rooted in reflexive studio conversation. Unlike The Braid, it does not offer a structure, but experiments wih the intentional removal of strictures, and works with what flows into into their former space instead. This creates a laboratory for performing own, specific ways of knowing. Its first formal iteration under this name, in 2018, was supported by an Art Research Grant from the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna. While artists have interviewed each other for a long time, new exchange formats are explicitly being sought as part of methods discussions in the social sciences and humanities. In this context, the laboratory proceeds as a collaboration with professor of Gender Studies, Doris Ingrisch, and in conversation with performing and performance artists. The image above is an intra-view setting, working with contemporary dancer and choreographer Doris Uhlich at the Max Reinhardt Seminary in Vienna, here addressed in a text (in German) by Doris Ingrisch. (More soon)