MUTUALISMS at Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, September 2011

curated by Kirsten Leenaars and Lise Haller-Baggesen

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"Triple Yin Yang", with Saskia Janssen and George Korsmit, three part neon sculpture


in the window: "Cat Jumping Slide Show" by Saskia Janssen, "c’est moi, c’est moi (2nd verse)" by George Korsmit, "Conversations about Practice" by Adelheid Mers, "Triple Yin Yang, Collaboration SJ, GK, AM

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Conversations about practice were informal and lasted about 60 minutes each. They took place at the train station in Düsseldorf, in the artist's studios in Chicago, via Skype and in my living room. I took notes while we talked and after a few days or weeks drew diagrams as I reread the notes, first with marker on paper, then in Illustrator. For the banners I photographed marker drawings, collaged them and superimposed the Illustrator files. The Illustrator files will be part of the show publication. This is closely related to my interest in critique as a performative practice that serves to reflect on artist's work processes and contexts.