Adelheid Mers - Light Installations Archive - 1994 - 2001

"Installation for Audience and Performers" (Site Works, Gallery 312, 2000)

"You Need to Bring a Gift to Attend this Exhibition" (Tough Gallery. 1998)

"Fiat Lux - for Hélio from Adelight", Hommage to Hélio Oiticica (Artist in Residence, Alfred University, NY, 1998)

"THINK TANK", (Arist in Residence, Columbia College, 1999)

"Interlude", (SUNY New Paltz, 1999)

"Untitled" (Glass Curtain Gallery, Columbia College, 2001)

"Sally", (Northern Illinois Art Museum Gallery Chicago, 2000)

"The Truth", (Illinois State Museum Gallery, 1997)

"Moriones", (Gallery 400, UIC, 1998)

"Dixit Insipiens", (St. James Episcopal Cathedral, 1997)

"American Beauties", (Kunstpalast Düsseldorf, 1997)

"American Beauties", (Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, 1996)

"Hootmalalie", (Chicago Cultural Center, 1996)

"Scenic Overlook", (Tough Gallery, 1996)