Takeover at the Hyde Park Art Center (4/24 - 6/11/06)


"Hydepark Organogram 2006"

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 A landscape design, a garden lay-out (with pool and springboard), a map (with legend), an environment, an architecture for the imagination, a place to stroll. An image of relations, a blueprint for a process, a house to inhabit.

Based on the information on the Hyde Park Art Center’s website, hydeparkart.org, I set out to create an image that maps the multiple, ambitious approaches this organization is taking towards the arts. A diagram of an organization is called an organogram. In a nutshell: Chuck oversees the entire operation. With the support of the six members of the exhibition committee, Allison takes care of exhibitions at HPAC and at the downtown satellite space. Blake develops the educational activities, art classes, workshops and community outreach. 26 Artists teach at HPAC, or through HPAC in community organizations and public schools. Ray is creating 4833 (the Resource Center), Kate is responsible for a sizable funding community and is supported by Colleen. Jen, Margarita and Michelle keep the entire place running. A 23 member board of directors helps to determine the direction the organization pursues and assists with much of the work that is needed to implement day-to-day activities and special events, along with interns Jamillah, Lisa, Paula, Sarah, Philip and other volunteers. I took photographs of those above who were available and willing (and most were), to insert them into the image as color coded silhouettes.

In the end, each portrait was transformed into a celebratory flower as well. I very much appreciate those who work towards big dreams, hopes and ambitions, and here, at the opening of the new facilities, we are at a time and place when a good measure of these hopes and dreams have actually materialized.