For thirteen days, from September 17-29, 2001, an experimental artistic collaboration took place at 450 Broadway Gallery, New York. Thirteen visual artists have been invited to successively add artwork to an exhibition as to an emerging entity. The artists have agreed to act in response to what they will find at the gallery on the dates they are individually scheduled to have control of the space. The work will have passed through the hands of all participants (and artists they invite) before it reaches its final stage. The public is invited to attend during gallery hours as well as at two evening receptions.

This exhibition was organized by artists Elisabeth Condon (New York) and Adelheid Mers(Chicago), who previously have jointly as well as separately initiated similar projects in London, Chicago and New York. Structured to maximize prospects within the constraints of time and space available to it, this project gains its specific flavor from the particular artists who will join in it.

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