opening Friday, May 2nd, 2003, 5-9

"Uncle Freddy's Gallery", directors Tom Torluemke and Linda Dorman - Gainer

Hammond, IN, 5265 Hohman Avenue

closing reception, Sunday, June 8

call for time


Press Release:

Adelheid Mers reads a book as a navigator may view a terrain. Mapping paths through an author's prose, she renders texts into images by layering diagrams with digitally manipulated photographs that are taken at public events around Chicago.

After leaving prague in 1940, media philosopher Vilém Flusser (1920-1991) spent his life in London, Brazil, and France, teaching and writing about living in exile, the impact of new media, and the need for dialog within societies. These images present Mers’ readings of some of Flusser’s essays on home, habit and communication.

Presented under the title “Home,” the eight works shown at Uncle Freddy’s are printed on billboard vinyl, and present Mers’ readings of some of Flusser’s ideas on home, habit and communication. Also available are a boxed edition (10) of archival inkjet prints on photo paper, 11"x13" each, and an edition (5) that presents four images each on two strips, 13" x 43" each.

directions from Chicago:

94 to Indiana (East) Exit Sibley, East go approx. 3.5 miles to Hohman Ave. turn right go 2 blocks.


South Shore Train from Randolph to Hammond. Sation is 1 mile north of gallery train schedule