Useful Pictures at the Evanston Art Center, September 2013




Norah Diedrich, Executive Director, Evanston Art Center, with lawn signs that were created and placed along the EAC driveway.

They presented excerpts from the individual 3-line Matricess, below.


Archive Research - The Evanston Art Center



Archive Sample images, exhibited in the Octagon Room. On the right side an image of EAC founder Alice Riley.


Details - excerpts focused on moments of change in the history of the organization.




Norah Diedrich, Executive Director, Evanston Art Center; Anne Berkeley, Co-Chair, Evanston Arts Council and guests, students, EAC staff.



In July and August og 2013, diagrammatic notes were taken by students while conducting conversations. Here are a few examples. The paper was primed either with a map of Evanston or a map of the Art Center. This method allowed for a more intentional conversation, bypassing ruts worn by conventional questioning.


Each map was later discussed in class and distilled into a 3-line Matrix that also contained a short summary. At the EAC, matrices were displayed adjacent to maps. (This row matches the row above.)


3-line Matrices were further summarized into a Fractal Matrix. The fractal matrix collected conversation throughlines, while details were noted in the individual conversation matrices.


To enlarge fractal outriggers, acess pdf.