OPEN CALL - deadline extended: August 31, 2005

Exhibition title: "Early Adopters"

location: The Three Arts Club, Chicago, USA
dates: doors open September 15, 2005    
reception: October 6, 2005  
closing (with potential reception): October 27, 2005

1. Call for essays and other text contributions we can post, and other web based contributions we can link to, from artists and theorists who reside in cities worldwide, to contribute "reports on art audiences" from their locations.

2. We are also seeking laminated "poster presentations" from local artists or from others who don't mind to mail them to Chicago, 24"x18" (appr. 60cm x 45cm) to be displayed on long shelves along two gallery walls, for viewers to handle and/or for contributors who can be present at the gallery to talk about.

Project Description:
For this exhibition during "Chicago Artist Month 2005", artists are asked to look back at their viewers. They are asked to show how they envision their local lay, amateur or connoisseur community to make use of and support them, to assess the immediate field they need to communicate within. Specifically, I am asking to investigate how citizens support or are desired to support visual art: as viewer, collector, sponsor, discussant, newspaper reader, volunteer, board member, etc. I am envisioning work that deals with these subjects explicitly, for an exhibition that will have aspects of a symposium or lecture series, addressing (supporting, defying, expanding) the thesis that urbanites are more diverse, adventurous, daring and playful than their more conservative, rural, small town, suburban or exurban counterparts, but also need to be made more aware of the crucial role they play in sustaining the art community whose products and productions they enjoy. This question is primarily inspired by the urban/rural split in the US election maps.For examples, see: Would there be similar distributions in art audience maps?

In addition to the call for national and international reports and for posters, artists who use diagramming as part of their current strategies have been invited to create more extensive works. They are Adam Brooks and Mathew Wilson (Industry of the Ordinary), Michael x. Ryan, and Deb Sokolow. I will contribute a map of the concept of this show, and four administrators/theorists have been invited to consider talks, discussions or lectures. There will be a performance by Isil Egrikavuk during the opening reception. This is a project by Adelheid Mers, on the invitation of gallery director Annie Morse.

Please contact me by email if you are interested in contributing, or can put me in touch with additional "correspondents" from other cities.

We are currently planning to report on this show at a symposium on artistic inquiry in Canada, in November.

Links that may be of interest can be found here.

very best regards,